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Caprice Linux Forums Code of Conduct
Welcome dear users.

First of all, on behalf of the lovely community of Caprice Linux, I say the warmest greetings to you. By signing up to the forums, you actually accepted the fact that you're a part of this family of users and there's nothing better than having you in our side.

Before going to the CoC, I have to clarify Caprice Linux Community is more than this forum and we have other counterparts as well :

  • Telegram channel (link, also there's a chat group you can join)
  • Twitter (link)
  • Matrix Chat (
  • #capricelinux on

But those are NOT really like the forums. Forum discussions are mostly preferred to chat groups. These forums are responsible for free discussions, feature requests, technical helps and support and even contributions by the community.

The Code of Conduct
  • Mutual Respect is the first rule here. All disrespectful content, hateful content and discrimination by users won't be tolerated and will result in an instant ban. Here, we don't care about race, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality or any other parts of peoples personality. We just want everyone to be free and respected as long as they're a member of the forums. Every content which can be labeled as abusive or harmful, no matter where it is, will have the same result. So, everything in your posts, profile pictures, signatures, etc most be well-thought and well-chosen.
  • Personal Content is not really permitted here. If you have problems with any users, please solve it in a personal space. If you're friends with someone, that's nice. But here, we do not permit personal relations. Specially in discussions, it will result a warning. 
  • Searching before posting is highly recommended. The forums may contain what you want to ask. Even searching on Debian GNU/Linux websites is recommended. Because you may help the Caprice Linux community by providing documentations, etc.
  • Just ask. Questions like "Does anyone know about this shell script?" are really time-wasting and bad questions. The correct way is asking like this : I have downloaded this script. I ran it on my computer and gave me this error + error's text or logs or screenshot from errors or logs. Also, for large errors and logs, using pastebin (e.g. is highly recommended.
  • Off-topic is welcome. We have the off-topic section in the forums, which is considered for your fun. You can post anything there. But keep the first rule in mind. Everything, from the newest super-hero movie to 60's rock n roll music. Everything, unless it violates the rules. 
  • Multiple accounts are not really prohibited. But under some circumstances, such as creating a second account to evade a ban, promoting a product or project or just keeping your own topics/posts up, is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban in both first and second accounts.

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