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What maintenance work should be done for plunger pump
Plunger pump is an important device in hydraulic system, which has the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow regulation. But there are a lot of maintenance work to be done. Let's talk about it.
1. Check whether the plunger pump has scars and rust, and if the damage and corrosion are serious, it needs to be replaced with a new one.
2. Check the fit condition and insert the plunger end into the plunger sleeve to make it tilt about 60 degrees.
3. Check its tightness. Hold the plunger sleeve by hand, block the oil inlet at the top and side of the plunger with two fingers, and then pull out the plunger with the other one. If it feels strong suction and the plunger immediately retracts to its original position after loosening, it indicates that the plunger pump is well sealed. On the contrary, it indicates that the plunger pump is not well sealed and needs to be replaced.
To sum up, do you understand the maintenance work of plunger pump.
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