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You can build a PvM hub or a skillers home or a chill
What about players that have 99 construction already? I know I certainly don't feel like dropping millions on planks and nails to get construction xo I don't require. If you're level 99 construction and don't desire construction xp, the RS gold poll means nothing. Building xp is one of the rewards in RS3. There's also the notion of fans in the kind of relics and totems for actions and different skills. For instance, even at 99 construction, when I participate in a disco's neighborhood construction, I may gain buff to associated activities or agility training. I am talking about permanent game attributes like totems (out of Anachronia activities) and relics (from Archaeology).

We get a tele that is complimentary. Lock it behind a construction or quest requirement I do not mind. We begin developing PoH fixtures that are useful that are real but rather than collect materials - click - finish. Each piece of furniture functions like the rework spend some time gradually constructing this new piece of furniture with a massive xp drop once it is eventually completed by you. You could place it out so there are 3-4 different homes you could wind up with by the time you get to 99. You can build a PvM hub or a skillers home or a chill hangout zone. Perhaps a giant trophy cabinet.

Or content such as a portal site necessary to get a new slayer monster/quest. When they publish content which has a sizable periodic xp fall such as soul runecrafting arch or anachronia agility program I really like it. Even better if by the end of the building skill you have something concrete and significant that will help out your account instead of the rubble from 24k pawnbrokers. War's Retreat should have been a POH update change in my mind. Everyone could be teleporting to their POH to their boss area that is instanced from their boss area that is instanced. At least War's you have to find players and there's usually people chillin' out and chatting.

If they make it 120, that is fine. But they need to increase the skill to make it. A PoV would maintain quite similar XP levels for every product currently in the Runescape game, so it's not like they need to do an entire rework of their ability, as you'll be building the exact same thing in multiple homes, instead of add/remove/add/eliminate the exact same item, in precisely the same area, 100s of times.

As a PoV would need residents, you can make the building have some payout, as you behave as the landlord to every home in the village; you get more income for how nicely furnished the homes are, along with the occupants would have more problems which would decrease your rent; e.g. busted pipe, damaged roof, etc.. Would Jagex add something similar to this? Who knows. Maybe. But I wouldn't hold out for it, as it is a huge change, and having a building training method that isn't an item/gold sink, may not be anything they want to add. Since I have not been a fan of the 120 content for any of the skills so far, personally I talk in skepticism.

I really don't think it will be soon. There are many skills systems in Runescape that have been outgrown by Runescape itself and they appear to be attempting to address that aggressively. By way of instance, in hindsight, skills such as fletching and fire-making should probably have been aspects of another ability, instead of skill of their own, but in the time RS began, MMOs weren't nearly as entirely conceptualized. Dependent on the development path they are on, I anticipate that we'll see comparable skill/combat combo reworks such as the mining-smithing/melee transformation they pinpointed (no pun meantTongue).

Transforming crafting and construction seems like the ideal way to top off these reworks buy osrs gold paypal. Trying to put them before the other reworks want to wind up in a much less developed end product. It's great to find that the OSRS platform obtaining some needed refinements into the skill. At this point, though, they seem to be on another, divergent path from RS3. I believe that's a fantastic thing for everyone.

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